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  • 7 amazingly overlooked websites we use to craft subject lines that force people to open your emails…
  • The easy way to add sexy, powerful buying power to almost anything you write…
  • Bond Halbert’s favorite tabloid resource for writing punchy headlines—and why he loves it for persuasion, conversion and explosively effective writing style…
  • How to use these secrets to IMMEDIATELY write compelling subject lines—we break everything down step by step for you live on video.
  • The hidden trick of emailing twice—and how you can use one emotion in the first email and another emotion in the second …
  • How to easily adapt any of these stories and headlines for YOUR products and YOUR industry
  • The powerful reasons why we shorten these headlines—and rearrange them. We keep the concept but just use fewer words (you’ll see how we do this live on video)…
  • Where To Find The Most Effective ‘Power Words’ Which Can Evoke Emotions In Your Prospect So They Have To Read What You’ve Got, And Why Short Words Hold Much More Buying Power Than Longer Ones…
  • And MUCH More..
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